DIY Father’s Day gift for kids to make at home


Looking for an easy and cute Father’s Day gift for your kids to make? If you’re like me, you may notice tons of homemade Mother’s Day gifts for kids to make, but not so many for Father’s Day. Many times kids also make Mother’s Day gifts while they’re still in school, but Father’s Day falls in summer. Here’s a gift kids can make for Father’s Day at home that dads and grandpas will love!

Supplies you’ll need

  • Wooden picture frame and paint
  • Paint shirt or smock
  • Craft glue
  • Q-tips
  • Nuts of any size
  • “Nuts about you” sign
  • Picture of your kids holding the sign

Father’s Day gift how-to

Paint your picture frame

We usually find wooden frames at Hobby Lobby or order a pack from Amazon as we’ve used them for multiple projects, like this one. After you choose the paint color you like, let your kids paint the frame. This is a great opportunity for messy play. You can even use multiple paint colors. Once they’re done, you may have to even out the paint or add extra if you’re using all one color.

Our frame painting quickly turned into finger painting, so we pulled out a spare canvas with some more paint.

Glue on the nuts

Once the paint dries, let your child dab on spots of paint using a Q-tip. Don’t worry if they get a little messy on the frame, the glue will dry clear. Then they can start sticking on the nuts. If your child is still pretty little, you can also assist them dabbing on the paint.

Take a picture holding the sign

Next, have your child hold a sign that says “I’m nuts about you Dad!” . They can make a sign, color in a sign that you make, or print one of these signs we made to help (Keep scrolling down!). You can also change the sign for grandpa, too!

Ours took quite a few tries to get a good photo that you could clearly see the sign and a smiling face. Just try your best, Dad will still love it! Once you have a winner, put it in your finished frame.

Let us know how yours turns out!

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