10 Free All About Me Poster for Toddlers and Preschoolers


All About Me posters are a fun and cute way to learn about young children. Teachers and parents of toddlers and preschoolers love to hear what the kids have to say about themselves and read about them once they’re all filled out. 

Looking for All About Me posters for toddlers and preschoolers either in your classroom or for your own children at home? Buying them online or from stores can be expensive for something simple. Check out our ten unique All About Me poster ideas as free printables. 

Why make All About Me posters?

First, these are a great way to document the different details, likes, dislikes, and size of your child each year. You can watch everything from their height to their favorite color change over the years. It’s also a fun way to get your child thinking and talking about the different aspects of their lives. 

Second, used within a classroom setting, these All About Me posters are a fun way to get to know the whole class. This builds a stronger classroom community and helps young children get to know their new classmates. 

These make great keepsakes to make and save year after year. Check the bottom of the post for the free downloadable poster sets. 

When’s the best time to use All About Me posters? 

The best time to complete a new All About Me poster is commonly the first day of school, in the first week of school, or at least sometime in the beginning of the school year. This is when young kids are in a new environment and see themselves as a year older. It’s also a perfect way to help kids get to know each other and see what they have in common. 

This is a fun activity they can complete by themselves, in small groups, or during circle time with a whole class. Toddlers and preschoolers will probably need some help if there’s a lot of writing to do. If you’re having an open house, they can complete their own posters then, so they are ready to be displayed on the first day of school. 

What to include in an All About Me poster for toddlers or preschoolers

First, always include their basic information like name and age. You also want to make sure you write the date, year, or grade on it somewhere, so down the road you can know when it was completed. Then, you can include some more fun things about them such as their favorite things. 

All About Me posters are also a great place to include a child’s size like their height, handprints, or even a footprint. You can also include things like hair color, eye color, or teeth they’ve lost. 

Some more fun ideas to include are how high they can count, letters they know, or picture books they like to read. Or have them write their own name or draw a self portrait. Then, you can compare the beginning of the year to the end or to the following year. 

Include Photographs

One thing we always recommend including is a photo of the child. Young children love to see pictures of themselves and other children they will recognize like their classmates. This is a fun way to get them even more involved and have so much fun with their posters. 

You can also include family pictures to see all the family members together. If you’re completing these in a classroom, ask the parents to send the photos with their child in the first week of school. 

​Make It Fun

While filling out your posters, don’t think of it as a chore or something too serious. Young children like talking about their favorite things, but still may have trouble focusing on the questions at hand. Make it into a game or do it in small spurts if your child. 

10 Free All About Me Posters 

Check out our 10 free All About Me poster ideas to try with your own children or in your classroom. Add them to your lesson plans or complete them at home before the first day of school. 

Counting Themed All About Me Poster

number themed all about me poster

Counting and numbers are always a popular beginning of the year toddler and preschool theme. This fits right into any number unit and can along with number theme activities. 

This poster includes common questions toddlers and preschoolers get asked like their favorite food and favorite book. In addition to some of their favorite things, it starts getting them thinking about numbers right away. 

The number themed poster can also lead into fun activities that concentrate on number identification and math skills. You can use this with all kinds of other educational activities and printable worksheets. Using this poster is an excellent way to start counting practice at the very start of the school year.

School Supplies All About Me Poster

school supplies themed all about me poster

Another very common back to school theme is school supplies, so we created an All About Me poster to fit right in! This one also includes the basic information including name and age, but also includes other favorite items like their favorite toys. This poster is also pretty simple and won’t take too much help to fill out. 

Another great idea for this one is to have them (or you) complete the worksheet with a crayon of their favorite color. The new school year always brings new school supplies, and who doesn’t love using brand new crayons. 

This is also a great poster for helping them identify their new school supplies. Or you can focus on identifying different colors with them. Either way, this is a simple way to fit in with the back to school theme. 

Apple Themed All About Me Poster

apple themed all about me poster

This is the last of the specific themed posters to fit with common toddler and preschool themes used at the beginning of a new school year. Apples may be the theme we see the most often as it fits with back to school and fall. There are loads of apple themed back to school ideas for toddlers and preschoolers you can find here. 

This poster is a simple way to stay with the apple theme while completing an All About Me poster on the first day. 

The apple themed poster has favorite items, counting, and age. And a fun area to include a picture of the child with something they love. If you’re a teacher, you can take the picture of them with a toy or book from the classroom, or you can ask the parents to send one in on the first day of school. 

Basic School All About Me Poster

school themed all about me poster

The basic school poster is a great way to get young kids excited about going to school, maybe for the first time! This poster gets new students thinking about what they’re excited for in the upcoming year. School can be nerve-racking as it is, so help them start thinking about the positives.

Help your child or students get to know a new teacher with this All About Me poster. There’s also a spot for the teacher that you can choose to write the name, draw a picture, or glue a photo. 

This poster would also work with almost any back to school theme. Children will also have a good time identifying school supplies in this one. There’s also plenty of room for them to show off their writing skills themselves as well as their drawing skills. 

My Family All About Me Poster

My family all about me poster

Young children always have a great time telling you about their families. Families come in all different shapes and sizes and are something to celebrate. Let your toddlers and preschoolers show you how they see their families and homes. 

This poster is great for anytime of the year, not just the beginning of the school year. Add it into your lesson plans on family or around a family centered holiday. 

Another favorite topic of toddlers and preschoolers is their pets. This poster gives them a place to name or draw their pets for you. Or you could give them animal stickers to choose from to represent their pets. 

My Measurements All About Me Poster

my measurements all about me poster

Let’s face it-toddlers and preschoolers seem to grow overnight. My son needs new clothes and shoes way more often than I’d like because he grows out of them so fast. Document all that growth with this measurements poster!

Because of the fast growth, this poster can be used at any time of the year. Or even multiple times a year. Another awesome idea is to have your child fill this out on every birthday. 

We are going to be using it once at the beginning of a new school year and once at the end. You’d be surprised how much they can change in that time. Just don’t forget to add the date to it. 

ABCs of Me Poster 

ABC all about me poster

Check out this alphabet themed All About Me poster. The ABCs are another common theme for the beginning of the year or at some point in the school year for this age. For two, three, or four year olds, letters are so much fun. 

Keep it simple with an easy place to practice writing their name (if applicable), a few of their favorite things, and most importantly their favorite letter. They can also draw or color if they’d like. 

Try this poster with class books that focus on letter as well like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Colorful All About Me Poster 

colorful all about me poster

Here’s an all purpose, colorful All About Me poster that can be used in schools or at home. There’s a spot for favorites, interesting facts about them, and a photo at the top. This poster is an excellent addition to baby books, keepsakes, or DIY All About Me books. 

Try to get your child thinking about new things when you fill it out. They may have never considered what they’re good at, but talk about all the activities they like to do. And then ask them what they think they’re good at. 

Unique to this poster on the list, there’s a space for asking your child what they want to be when they get older. At this age, the answers can be pretty funny or surprising. When I asked my toddler what he wanted to be when he got older, he said a brother (spoiler: he already has a baby sister). 

Things I Love All About Me Poster

Things I love all about me poster

Another way to ask toddlers and preschoolers about themselves is to ask them about all the things they love. This can be favorite animals or toys, activities they love to do, or books they love read. Add in as much as you want! 

This poster would work well with other heart or love activity theme and ideas. Try it out at the beginning of the year, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day! And then frame your Things I Love poster on red construction paper. 

End of the Year All About Me Poster

end of the year all about me poster

Generally, All About Me posters are used at the beginning of the year. But for kids, they grow and learn so much in just one year. That’s why we thought it would be fun to also make one for the end of the year. 

One year makes a huge difference in the world of toddlers and preschoolers, and this is a great opportunity to document that. Measure how much they grow, how much bigger their handprint got, and how old they now are. 

You can also document how much they learned over the year like if they learned new letters, math skills, or writing. This is an easy way to see progress from another school year. And you may be surprised how some of their favorite activities and interests changed in that time.

Completed All About Me Posters

You’ve filled out one or more of the All About Me posters, so now what? The point of these posters is to have them as keepsakes, so you can look back on just how little your child or students once were. And then you can compare them as they grow and learn.

For Teachers

Once your students have completed their All About Me posters, you can hang them all on a bulletin board for the entire class and all the parents to see. The kids themselves will love seeing them up. Once you move on to a new theme or project, laminate the posters and send them home with the children. 

Alternatively, you can create a portfolio of their work to give them at the end of the year. Include one or more of these All About Me posters in that portfolio.

For Parents

Once you have completed an All About Me poster, we recommend getting in laminated or putting it in a plastic sleeve. Then you can create a mini book that you add to each year. 

You can download these all as a printable worksheet or on a large sheet of paper for more of a poster. Find the whole list here in pdf form. 

Check out more activities for back to school

To go along with your All About Me posters, try a few of these fun and exciting back to school crafts for toddlers and preschoolers. You’ll find a lot to keep with the apple, school supply, and ABC theme as well. Find them all here. 

Or try a handprint keepsake to go along with their All About Me poster

Depending on your theme, time of year and resources, try one of these handprint keepsakes. Handprints are a super cute and fun way to fit into the All About Me theme. They’re also a keepsake that parents actually like to keep. 

Full instructions for the handprint flower paintings are here.

flower handprint painting

Or these cute handprint jellyfish here.

handprint jellyfish with fingerprint fish

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