Unique Art Project with Flowers to Try at Home


As most parents and teachers know, kids love to pick and rip apart flowers. This art project with flowers is a great way to use those flower petals! Try using old flowers you were going to get rid of anyways or have your kids go out and pick some flowers. Flowers are ideal for ripping or cutting as well as tactile experimentation for kids. 

The broadness of the project helps develop and encourage creativity. The added element of smell is another area of exploration this activity can include. Throughout the project, talk to your kids about colors, numbers, shapes, and anything else that’s developmentally appropriate. 

What you need: 

Picture frame, any size  and color (we found one at Goodwill)

Clear packing tape 

Flower petals 

Optional if age appropriate: Scissors for kids to use

Art Project with Flowers How-To

The first step is to choose a frame you’d like to use. We did spray paint our picture frame a dark blue because the frame we found at Goodwill was chipped. This step is totally optional.

We’ve also done this project with smaller frames. The wooden frames from Hobby Lobby can be easily painted by kids, and then you can choose any color you want. Those frames are also nice because they come with a peg to stand the frame on a flat surface instead of hanging them on the wall. 

Then, you can get rid of the glass and the backing for frame. 

Next, take clear packing tape and cover the back with the sticky part facing up. This way when the flower petals are dropped onto the tape they will stick. 

At this point you can have your kids rip or cut flowers into pieces and keep the petals. You may want to remove the stems before they start on the flowers if it’s too hard for them. Have them put all the flower petal pieces in a pan or container, so you can mix them together. 

Then your kids can spread the petals onto the tape in the frame. Each one is unique, so they can use as many or as few petals as they want. They also do not have to fill the entire frame. Keep directions minimal, and let them go for it. 

Lastly, once they are done putting petals on, gently press down the petals to make sure they are firmly on the tape. 

As an optional last step, you can tape on white paper to the back to help the petals show up depending on where the frame is hanging. Check out the example above

Show us how yours turn out!

Small warning: just remember that white petals will turn slightly yellow over time, so you may want to avoid them. 

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