31 easy and festive fall sensory bin ideas for kids


Find the perfect fall sensory bin for your children this year from this list of awesome fall themed bins. There’s so many ways to play and incorporate fall themes from apples to leaves to pumpkins. 

Sensory bins are a favorite toy among children and have so many development benefits. There’s a reason sensory play is widely used in early childhood development. It helps encourage critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and fine motor skills as well as practical life skills.

Check out our complete list of best sensory bin ideas for this fall. 

1. Halloween Sensory Bin

Let your kids have so much fun and practice their fine motor skills with this awesome Halloween sensory bin. Holiday themed sensory bins are one of the best parts of learning for young kids, and there’s so many great ideas online like this one. 

child playing in a Halloween themed sensory bin

2. Indian Corn Sensory Bin

Fall season always brings around Indian corn at the local grocery and craft stores. Using the colored corn kernels is the perfect way to incorporate sensory input with fall colors and materials.

3. Apple Pie Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is a fun way to tie in baking and fall with a sensory bin idea. The best part is the pretend play of making pie is happening along with all the other benefits of sensory bins. Add to the sensory experience by adding in smell with cinnamon sticks or nutmeg. 

4. Fall Colored Rice Sensory Bin

Dry rice is one of the best sensory bin filler ideas, and there’s so much you can do with it. Rice with small add ins like in this sensory bin idea is a great way for children to experience different textures. 

5. Feed the Turkey Sensory Play

​Check out this fun turkey sensory activity that’s also your own fall sensory bin! Your child will get so many uses out of this, and it’s one of my son’s favorite fall activities. 

6. Outdoor Leaf Sensory Bin

Have your child build some of their own easy fall sensory bins by gathering leaves, sticks, and other natural items like acorns from outside. They’ll have a great time finding all the materials and also playing with the bins.

7. Pumpkin Pie Bin

There are so many fun ideas and ways to use pumpkins in the fall, and one of the best sensory play ideas is pumpkin pie! This pumpkin pie sensory bin is great for imaginative play and reminds me of all good things autumn.

8. Leaf Fall Bin

This fun sensory bin is great for young children because of the simplicity. All you need in corn kernels in a small plastic bin. Then add in the fall leaves and some measuring cups for scooping and pouring. 

9. Fall Bead Sensory Bin

Large beads like this are a great tool for sensory input and numerous learning activities. Because of the potential choking hazard of the beads, this sensory bin is best suited for older children who know not to put things in their mouth. 

10. Mini Pumpkin Bin

Help your child with more fine motor practice with this simple mini pumpkin bin for Halloween or fall. You can find so many fall themed add ins for your bins at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or even the dollar store.

11. Moon Sand Bin

If you’re looking for more sensory bin filler ideas to make your own sensory bins, try making your own moon sand. This is pretty simple, and kids love it! Then add in some small items that are associated with fall. 

12. Water Based Fall Bin

Water play is one of the best sensory activities and easiest to clean up, too! This water based bin is as simple as you want it to be! It’s also great because there’s so many ways to customize it. 

13. Cloud Dough 

Another easy sensory bin filler to make yourself is cloud dough. Change up the sensory experiences for your kids by giving them new textures like this one. Then just add any fun items you can find at Hobby Lobby or the Dollar Tree in the fall section.

14. Apple Picking Sensory Bin

This bin is an awesome fine motor activity for any age, but especially older kids, to try this fall. The apple picking helps build hand-eye coordination, concentration, and cognitive development in addition to fine motor skills.

15. Halloween Eyeball Soup

A lot of times we can feel overwhelmed by making sensory bins, especially themed ones. But this bin is so obviously Halloween themed, and still remarkably simple to put together. 

16. Button Tree Bin

Help build problem-solving skills with this fun fine motor activity. Buttons are also a great sensory bin filler idea that have so many applications for kids. 

17. Farm Sensory Bin

Vegetables, farms, and harvest time are all part of a fall themed unit. Create this easy farm sensory bin to go along with your fall farm unit.

sensory farm bin with animals and vegetables

18. Fall Soup Sensory Activity

We love this amazing fall soup idea from Happy Toddler Playtime. Using natural fall items, your child can engage in open-ended play and reap all the benefits of sensory play. This bin has a simple water base, and then lets your child’s creativity run wild. 

19. Apple Washing Station

An apple washing station is another one of the great, simple sensory bins that takes little work on your part. All you really need to pick up is apples! 

20. Fall Yarn Sensory Bin

Consider cut up yarn as the next sensory bin filler to try. This is a great way to change up the filler material and still keep a fall theme. Then add some leaves for a simple fall sensory bin that young children will love. 

21. Fall Water Bead Bin

Water beads are always a favorite for children. They’re great for scooping, pouring, and all the other fun things to do in a sensory bin. We advise to use them with older kids, though, as very young kids tend to put them in their mouth.

22. Sunflower Seed Bin

Large seeds like sunflower or pumpkin seeds are a great way to include edible filler material. You can even use seeds you get yourself from sunflowers or pumpkins this fall. If you are worried about your child putting things in their mouth, check out our tips to teach them how to use a sensory bin. 

23. Fall Soap Foam Sensory Bin

Soap foam is another fan favorite and great way to change up the sensory bin filler. This is an easy DIY filler that any mom or teacher will find doable this fall. You can also make fall scented foam like cinnamon, pumpkin or apple. 

24. Pumpkin Boats Sensory Play

Look how cute these boats are! Easy to make from mini pumpkins and so much fun to play with, this boat sensory bin is sure to be a favorite at home or in a preschool classroom. 

25. Pine Cones and Sand Bin

Fall is a wonderful time of year to get outside and find different items to use in your sensory bins. Have your child go out and find some pine cones with you for this simple sensory bin. Or because sand is a little messier, consider this one for a sensory table. 

26. Popcorn Sensory Bin

Fall is the perfect time of the year to put together this popcorn sensory bin. Unpopped corn kernels are abundant in the fall and can be used by kids in many different ways. 

popcorn kernel sensory bin

27. Cranberry Sensory Bin

Cranberries are going on sale this fall and are an amazing sensory tool to use with kids. They have a distinct color and smell, can help dye water or a bin of rice, and are completely safe for children to get in their mouth. Not to mention fun for squishing, pouring, and mixing in sensory play!

28. Turkey Sensory Bin

At the end of the fall season, you’ll move into the Thanksgiving themed activities. Try this super fun turkey themed sensory bin that you can easily make with any bin of rice you already have at home. 

29. Pumpkin Fluff Sensory Activity

Make your own pumpkin fluff at home for a fun sensory activity that children of all ages will love (even two year olds-we tried it!). This recipe is simple, straight forward, and safe for children. 

30. Pumpkin Washing Water Bin

Set up this fun sensory bin when you get back from the pumpkin patch! Have your children wash all their pumpkins that need to be cleaned anyway, but also for the sensory play benefits. They’ll have a blast. 

31. Spider Web Bin

How fun is this spider web sensory bin? This ultra creative sensory bin is so awesome for Halloween, and all kids will love playing with it.

There is no shortage to amazing fall sensory bin ideas out there. Feel free to mix and match the ideas you see here to create the perfect fall sensory bin for you and your child. 

Build your own sensory table

If you’re going to create one of these awesome fall sensory bins, consider making your own sensory table to hold the bin. These sensory tables are easy to make, great for kids, and simple to store after you’re done. Here’s the full instructions.

PVC pipe sensory bin

Check out more Halloween fine motor activities

Find even more great fine motor activities to go with your sensory bin this Halloween. Check out the whole list here.

sorting pom poms into three bowls

Pair your sensory bin with bat crafts

Fall and Halloween are often times that children learn about bats. Try all these fun bat themed activities with your kids. 

three black plastic bats

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