50 Best Balloon Activities and Games for Kids


Are you on the hunt for exciting and entertaining activities to keep your kids engaged and active? Look no further than the humble balloon! Balloons are versatile, affordable, and can provide hours of fun for children of all ages. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best balloon activities and games that will turn any ordinary day into a thrilling adventure. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a family reunion, or simply looking for ways to keep your kids entertained, these ideas are sure to make a lasting impression.

Warning: Balloons pose a choking hazard! Remember to supervise your child closely during these activities, especially if they involve small balloons, to ensure their safety.

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Here’s the pack of balloons we keep on hand in our activity bin for times like these.

1. Balloon Toss

Younger kids will enjoy a gentle balloon toss. Sit on the floor facing each other and tap the balloon back and forth with your hands, encouraging your little one to try and keep the balloon in the air. This activity enhances their hand-eye coordination.

2. Balloon Tennis

Who needs a fancy tennis court when you can create your own right at home? Use balloons as the tennis ball and paper plates or hands as a tennis racket. Set up a makeshift net with a piece of string or a jump rope, and let the fun begin. 

3. Hula Hoop Balloon Fun

Combine the joy of hula hooping with the excitement of balloon play. Have the kids try to keep a balloon in the air using only their hips and a hula hoop. It’s a fun way to improve their coordination and balance while laughing and smiling.

4. Balloon Rockets

Introduce a dash of science into your balloon play with balloon rockets. You’ll need a long piece of string or yarn, two chairs to serve as anchors, and a straw. Thread the string through the straw, tie one end to each chair, and make sure it’s taut. 

Now, inflate a balloon, but don’t tie it off. Pinch the open end of the balloon, tape it to the straw, and let it go. The escaping air will propel the balloon rocket along the string. Kids will be amazed by the principles of physics in action!

5. Balloon Hockey

If your kids love hockey but you’re worried about using a real puck indoors, use inflated balloons as a safer alternative. All you need are some balloons and broomsticks or cardboard tubes as makeshift hockey sticks. Set up goals and let the friendly competition begin.

6. Water Balloon Toss

A classic summer favorite, the water balloon toss is simple yet endlessly entertaining. Fill up a bunch of water balloons and form a circle with the kids. Each child takes a step back after successfully catching and tossing their balloon. The last one standing without a burst balloon at the end of the game wins!

7. Balloon Scavenger Hunt

Turn your backyard or even your living room into a treasure trove by hiding balloons filled with small toys or candies. Provide the kids with clues or a treasure map, and let them embark on a balloon scavenger hunt. It’s a fun and interactive way to keep them engaged and excited.

8. Balloon Swords

For an epic battle of imagination, create balloon swords. Simply inflate a balloon and twist it into a sword shape. Use duct tape to secure the handle, and let the kids engage in safe swordplay, complete with dramatic clashes and duels.

9. Balloon Catch

Have your child stand a short distance away from you and gently toss the balloon towards them. Encourage them to catch it and toss it back to you. It’s a simple game that enhances their gross motor skills.

10. Balloon Sticks

Take ordinary balloons to the next level by attaching them to sticks or straws. Kids can use these DIY balloon wands to wave, twirl, and create their own magical performances. You can use 

11. Balloon Dart Board

Set up a safe and entertaining dart game using balloons as targets for older kids. Attach balloons with various point values to a bulletin board or a piece of cardboard, and let the kids take turns throwing plastic darts (with parental supervision) to pop the balloons.

12. Balloon Painting

Get creative with balloon painting. Dip balloons in different colored paints, and then stamp them onto paper or canvas to create unique and vibrant artworks. It’s a messy, fun, and visually stimulating activity that lets kids explore their artistic side with some messy play. 

13. Balloon Basketball

Hang a basketball hoop on the back of a door or outdoors and challenge the kids to a game of balloon basketball. Using balloons instead of basketballs adds an exciting twist to the game, as the balloons bounce and float unpredictably.

14. Balloon Relay Race

Create a thrilling relay race where teams of kids must carry a balloon to the finish line without using their hands. They can hold the balloon between their knees, squeeze it between their chins, or come up with other creative methods to transport their precious cargo.

15. Balloon Obstacle Course

Transform your backyard or living into an exciting balloon obstacle course with this fun activity. Incorporate balloons as obstacles that kids must navigate through, around, or over. It’s a fantastic way to test their agility and problem-solving skills while having loads of fun.

16. Balloon Chase

Tie a ribbon to a balloon and let it float around the room. Encourage your toddler to follow the balloon as it moves, promoting mobility and spatial awareness.

17. Balloon Sensory Play

Fill balloons with various materials like rice, beans, or water. Seal them tightly and let your toddler explore the different textures and sounds as they squish, shake, and squeeze the balloons. These awesome ideas are an excellent way to incorporate sensory play. 

18. Balloon Tic-Tac-Toe

Draw a giant tic-tac-toe board on your driveway or patio using chalk, and use balloons as markers for a supersized game. Kids take turns placing their balloons on the board, aiming to get three in a row. It’s a fun and interactive way to enjoy this classic game outdoors.

19. Balloon Relay

Organize relay races where kids must pass a balloon to the next person in line in this easy balloon game. To make it more challenging, use smaller balloons that are harder to control, or have the kids balance the balloon on a spoon as they race.

20. Balloon Soccer

Swap out the traditional soccer ball for a balloon to create a gentler version of the sport. It’s perfect for younger children or for playing indoors on a rainy day.

21. Balloon Volleyball

Set up a volleyball net or use a makeshift “net” between two chairs, and use balloons as volleyballs. Balloon volleyball is a great way for kids to practice teamwork and coordination while having a blast.

22. Balloon Ice Balls

For a unique sensory experience, freeze water balloons to create ice balls. Kids can use these cool, slippery balloons for outdoor games and imaginative play on a hot summer day while also having a lot of fun.

23. Balloon Hopscotch

Outline a hopscotch grid using sidewalk chalk, and use balloons as markers for a hopping good time. The added challenge of balancing on one foot while tossing the balloon adds a fun twist to this classic game.

24. Balloon Hide and Seek

Hide a small toy or object inside a balloon before inflating it. Let your toddler squeeze and manipulate the balloon until they find the hidden treasure.

25. Balloon Basketball Dunk Contest

Challenge the older children to a balloon basketball dunk contest. Set up a mini hoop, and let them get creative with their dunks. You’ll be amazed at the imaginative slam dunks they come up with using balloons!

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26. Balloon Water Relay

Take your relay race to the next level by incorporating water balloons. Kids can pass the water balloon from one teammate to the next without dropping it. If the balloon bursts, the team must start over. 

27. Balloon Bubble Bath

During bath time, toss a few balloons into the water. Young kids can enjoy splashing, poking, and playing with the balloons, making bath time even more enjoyable.

28. Balloon Limbo

Use balloons as the bar in a fun game of limbo. Have the kids take turns bending backward to see how low they can go without touching the balloon bar. Lower the balloon bar with each round to increase the challenge.

29. Balloon Dance Party

Inflate lots of balloons and play some lively music. Encourage your toddler to dance, jump, and move around while swatting at the balloons. It’s a fantastic way to promote physical activity and coordination.

30. Water Balloon Fight

Cool down on a scorching summer day with an epic water balloon fight. Fill up plenty of water balloons and let the kids go wild as they chase, dodge, and launch water balloons at each other. Don’t forget to join in the fun of this outdoor balloon game!

31. Balloon Animal Sculptures

Challenge kids to get creative by taping balloons into animal shapes. You can also find balloon animal kits with instructions or watch online tutorials to master the art of balloon twisting together for older children.

32. Balloon Parachute

Lay a large bedsheet or light blanket on the floor. Place a few inflated balloons on it, and together with your toddler, hold the edges of the sheet and gently shake it to make the balloons bounce. This activity promotes cooperative play and fine motor skills.

33. Balloon Snowmen

If you’re missing the winter snow, create your own indoor “snow” by blowing up white balloons and stacking them to make balloon snowmen. Let the kids decorate their snowmen with markers, buttons, and fabric scraps.

34. Balloon Bubble Wrap

For a sensory-filled activity, secure balloons to a large piece of bubble wrap. Kids can stomp, jump, and press on the balloons to create satisfying popping sounds while also working on gross motor skills.

35. Balloon Darts

Set up a dartboard with balloons as the target, but this time, add a twist. Write challenges or actions on slips of paper and place them inside the balloons. When a child pops a balloon, they must complete the challenge inside. It could be anything from singing a song to doing a funny dance!

36. Balloon Bowling

Create your own bowling alley at home using water bottles as pins and a balloon as the bowling ball. Line up the pins and take turns rolling the balloon to knock them down. It’s a fantastic indoor game that provides hours of entertainment.

37. Balloon Splatter Painting

Combine science and art with balloon painting. Fill balloons with different colors of paint and then throw or bounce them onto a canvas. Watch as the paint splatters in unique patterns to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

38. Balloon Shapes

Master the art of balloon twisting and create delightful balloon shapes with your kids. Start with simple shapes like dogs, swords, or flowers, and work your way up to more complex designs. There are plenty of online tutorials to help you get started.

39. Water Balloon Piñata

Combine two classic party activities – piñatas and water balloons – for double the fun. Hang a water balloon-filled pinata from a tree branch or a sturdy support, blindfold the kids, and let them take turns trying to burst it open.

40. Balloon Matching Game

Draw shapes, numbers, or letters on balloons. Inflate several balloons with the same drawing, and then mix them up. The kids can take turns finding matches, helping them with visual recognition and memory.

41. Balloon Toy Surprises

Fill balloons with small toys, candies, or trinkets, and tie them off with colorful ribbons. Kids can pop the balloons to reveal their surprise gifts.

42. Balloon Science Experiments

Turn balloon play into a hands-on science lesson. Explore concepts like static electricity by rubbing balloons against fabric to make them stick to walls or attract small objects. You can also demonstrate air pressure by inflating balloons and then releasing the air to make them fly around the room.

43. Balloon Bonanza

Have a balloon bonanza by releasing a bunch of balloons into the sky. Each balloon can have a message or wish attached. Just be sure to use biodegradable balloons to minimize environmental impact.

44. Balloon Countdown

Create a countdown to a special event or celebration using balloons. Each balloon contains a small activity or treat that the kids can enjoy leading up to the big day. Pop one balloon each day to reveal the surprise inside.

45. Balloon Story Time

Use balloons to act out a story. Draw faces on balloons to represent characters from a book and let kids act out the story as you read it. This activity enhances their comprehension and storytelling skills.

46. Balloon Sculpture Contest

Challenge the kids to a balloon sculpture contest. Provide them with balloons and tape, and let their creativity run wild. You will be amazed at the different ways kids will use the balloons.

47. Balloon Freeze Dance

Play music and have a dance party with balloons. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze and hold their balloons. When the music starts again, they can resume dancing.

48. Balloon Messages

Have the kids write messages, jokes, or compliments on small pieces of paper and insert them into balloons before inflating them. Once the balloons are inflated, release them, and see whose message travels the farthest and receives a reply.

49. Balloon Challenge

Set up a series of balloon-related challenges and games for the kids to complete. Challenges could include tasks like balloon juggling, balloon races, and popping balloons in creative ways. Award points for each challenge, and declare a winner at the end.

50. Balloon Drop Grand Finale

End your balloon-filled day with a spectacular balloon drop. Hang a large net filled with balloons from a high point, and let the kids pull a string to release the balloons, creating a breathtaking finale to your balloon adventure.

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These 50 balloon activities and games are guaranteed to provide endless entertainment for kids of all ages. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a family gathering, or just a fun-filled day at home, balloons offer a wide range of possibilities for creativity, laughter, and memorable moments. So, grab a bunch of balloons, get creative, and start making unforgettable memories with your children today. Have a blast!

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