57 creative If You Give a Moose a Muffin Activities


If you Give a Moose a Muffin ​by Laura Joffe Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond

Laura Numeroff writes a series of books each consisting of a little boy helping an animal. Her first book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie may be the most well known, but this hilarious sequel about a big, hungry moose is a classic book. In this particular circular story that starts and ends in the same place (with many comic complications in the middle), with the moose needing a muffin. Here are the best activity suggestions related to the book:

1. Moose Letter Activity

This activity is great for practicing both uppercase letters and lowercase letters. These are easy to make and go along great with the book. 

2. Paper Plate Muffin 

Try this cute and easy paper plate muffin craft that’s easy enough for kids of all ages. 

3. Bake Muffins

Follow this simple recipe to have fun baking together! All you need is a few ingredients starting with muffin mix. 

4. Coloring Pages 

Check out these awesome printable coloring pages that go along with the book!

5. Handprint Moose

This craft is so much fun, especially for the young child who loves to finger paint. 

6. Paper Bag Moose

Create your own moose that can even double as a puppet. 

Photo by The Romantic Homeschooler

7. Math Activity

Here’s a great way to incorporate math and counting into a lesson about this book. 

8. Story Circle

​I love the idea of organizing the book into a story circle. 

9. Muffin Letter Recognition Activity

Young learners will really benefit from this letter recognition activity. 

10. Sequence Activity

All of Laura Numeroff’s works are great books for learning sequences. Try this sequence activity to better comprehend the book for young readers. 

Photo by homeschoolpreschool.net

11. Language and Speech Book

If these are some of your favorite books, you may want to invest in resources like these!

​12. Moose Cut Out

This website has an amazing moose cut out page with even more free printables!

13. Watch It Read Out Loud

If you’ve already read the book multiple times, let your kids listen to someone else read. 

14. Moose Leaf Craft

Here’s an awesome activity for the fall when the leaves are changing colors and falling. What better way to get outside and make a craft!

15. Moose Sock Puppets

If you don’t have any brown paper bags to make a puppet, try making your own sock puppet!

16. Make Jam

Try this delicious and easy blackberry jam recipe at home. You can even have it to go with your muffins you bake. 

17. Moose Head Band

How fun is this craft that your child can wear after making?

18. Letter M Craft

This is an awesome book to include if you’re currently working on the letter M. This activity will help with even more focus on the letter. 

19. Moose Match Up

For older children, here’s a great printable to practice cutting skills and matching. 

20. Cupcake Liner Moose

Another cute and creative way to make a moose. 

Photo by Glued To My Crafts Blog

21. Lesson Plan 

Here’s a great series of lesson plans if  you want to do a whole unit on the book. 

22. M Popsicle Stick Craft 

This activity is a great way to work in the letter M with the book.

23. Moose Worksheets

This is a great resource for multiple printable activities that can be done while reading the book. 

24. Make a Bulletin Board

​Bulletin boards are a wonderful visual for kids while studying the book. Visit Pinterest for even more bulletin board ideas. 

25. Storybook Activities

If you’re looking for multiple printables or another teacher resource to go along with the book, check these out. 

​26. Cause and Effect Box

Check out this example of how to make your own cause and effect box. 

27. Felt Board Activity

​A felt board to go along with the book is a great activity to develop fine motor skills. 

Photo by Books and Giggles

28. Bake Moose Cupcakes

How cute yet delicious do these cupcakes look?

29. Muffin Counting Activity

Here are some muffin activities that are math related and can help with numbers. This is an awesome way to make learning fun!

30. Moose Magnets

​This activity involves a free printable that can be turned into a magnet activity. 

31. Count Muffin on your Plate

This is another counting muffin activity, but includes counting individual muffins on your plate. 

32. Cook Moose Munch

Cook together, and then enjoy this yummy snack while reading the book!

33. Moose Handprints

This moose craft uses the handprint is a different way, but still just as cute as the first handprint craft. 

34. Paper Plate Moose

To go along with your paper plate muffin, create this paper plate moose, too. 

Photo by The Craft Balloon

35. Make Moose Tracks

Practice your best moose tracks with this fun activity.

36. Popsicle Stick Moose

Grab all your crafting gear for this moose made from popsicle sticks and yarn. 

37. Moose Pretzels

Here’s another cute and creative moose themed snack you can make together. 

38. Cause and Effect Worksheet

Here’s a free workout to work on the concept of cause and effect. You can even use them to make up your own stories using cause and effect. 

39. Cut and Paste Moose Craft

If you’re looking for an activity to help with cutting and glueing skills, here’s a wonderful option. 

Photo by Simple Mom Project

40. Cupcake Liner Muffins

Just like the cupcake liner moose, you can make your very own cupcake liner muffin.

41. Muffin with Shapes

If you’re looking to practice shapes as well, here’s a free printable muffin with shapes!

42. Muffin Craft

​This is another cute muffin craft (that also works with ‘Do you know the muffin man’).

43. Play Dough Mat

All kids love play dough, so try this play dough mat that fits with the story. 

Photo by Books and Giggles

44. Paint Moose Rocks

For the kids that are a little older, try painting a moose on a rock to keep. 

45. M is for Moose Lesson

Try out this entire lesson called M is for Moose. 

46. Sensory Bin

Make your own forest sensory bins and add some moose! Here’s how to make your own: Sensory bins.

47. Paint on Cardboard

Just like the moose in the book, break out some cardboard to paint on. 

48. Make a Ghost Halloween Costume

Grab an old white sheet and make the same costume as the moose in the book. 

49. Bake Moose Cookies

​All kids will love baking (and eating!) cookies together, so grab a cute moose cookie cutter.

50. Make Moose Bookmarks

Check out these cute moose bookmarks you can make yourself to use in your own books. 

Photo by Danielles Place

51. Personal Moose Story

Have your kids write a moose story in their own words using this printable. 

52. Stuffed Moose

Make your very own stuffed moose using paper bags. 

53. Moose Word Search

Here’s a pre-made word search all about moose to use!

54. Fine Motor Skills Moose

This moose toy is made just to enhance fine motor skills and is the perfect gift for kids to go along with the book. 

55. Moose Crossword Puzzle

This free printable is great for young readers learning to write and practicing their letters. 

56. Moose Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are another great learning tool for kids while still being tons of fun.

57. Laura Numeroff Bundle

Or pair these book activities with all of Laura Numeroff’s children’s books with tons of great lessons and simple ideas! 

Check out these other activities for children’s books:

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

This classic children’s book is an awesome way to learn shapes and letters. Here’s all the activities.


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