make your own ocean sensory bin

Everything you’ll need to make a simple but engaging ocean sensory bin


Choose the base

Add ocean themed objects



Include some sensory tools

Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail

choose the base

For our base, we went with the easiest choice of just water. Water can get everywhere, but it’s pretty easy to clean up. Then, I chose to add some plastic, colored aquarium rocks to the bottom for extra sensory exploration


add ocean themed objects

Find some fun ocean animals to add! You could also add different rocks, under water plants, seashells, or submarines. I also so a cute boat and diver toy to consider.


include sensory tools

Some of our favorite are measuring cups and spoons, bowls, ladles, and cups. You could also add sifters or shovels to go with the ocean theme.


Put it all together

Let your child help, too! This is a great opportunity to start story based play. We would talk about each sea creature and how they jump or splash into the water.

Dashed Trail

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