scissors scissor

scissors scissor

scissors scissor

Scissors use for kids

While thinking of teaching your young kids to use scissors may sound daunting and frankly a little bit scary, there are lots of great ways to encourage the skill of using scissors that you can try at home.

before starting with scissors

You should discuss safety with your kids before and continually during cutting activities. And never leave them unattended with scissors of any kind!

cutting play dough

One of the best and easiest activities to develop cutting skills is using play dough. This is a great place to start for very young kids or kids who have never used scissors.

Cutting snippets

This is as simple as it sounds. Let them cut any paper over and over again into tiny pieces. You will be shocked by how much kids love to do this and how long it will keep them occupied.

Cutting New material

You can give them different thickness paper or cut the paper into various shapes for them to then cut up.Try cutting different materials such as straws, coffee filters, grass, spaghetti, flower petals , clay, junk mail, aluminum foil, paper plates, or streamers.

Cutting lines and shapes

For more advanced scissor users, you can first draw lines on paper for them to practice cutting along. Then, try making it a little more challenging by drawing squiggly lines to cut. After they master the lines, draw shapes to cut out.

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