DIY Sensory bins

Sensory boxes or bins are containers filled with sensory items that engage one or more of children’s senses. The sensory bin offers hands-on learning and exploration of the sensory materials

benefits of a sensory bin

The best part about sensory bins is that kids of all ages receive developmental benefits while having so much fun. The benefits of sensory play include helping kids fine motor skills, sensory exploration, language development, and problem solving skills.

23 Amazing DIY Sensory Bin Ideas

1. Pom Poms 2. Water Beads 3. Shaving Cream 4. White Rice (or dyed rainbow rice!) 5. Black Beans 6. Water 7. Kinetic Sand 8. Cotton Balls 9. Dry Pasta 10. Cut Up Pipe Cleaners 11. Plastic Gold Coins

23 Amazing DIY Sensory Bin Ideas

12. Oobleck 13. Pine Cones 14. Dirt 15. Popcorn Seeds 16. Beads 17. Pebbles 18. Cloud Dough 19. Magnets 20. Shredded Paper 21. Bird Seed 22. Cornmeal 23. Crushed Cheerios


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