Easy Palm Sunday Preschool Activity for Your Lesson Plan


Check out this easy activity for early childhood making your own palm branches! With Palm Sunday coming up next week, help your children celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entry with this fun craft activity!

child with green construction paper palm leaf

Palm Sunday Bible Lesson Activity 

This activity is easy enough to use at home with your own children or in a preschool classroom with multiple children. It would even make a great Sunday School lesson addition! 

Add this simple craft unto your day or lesson plans this Palm Sunday! 

The Great Story of Jesus 

Before starting this activity, we like to read Matthew for the story of Palm Sunday, or read a children’s book with pictures for younger children. Many children may have heard the Easter story already, but not the events of Palm Sunday. 

For my toddlers, we read out of a My First Bible so that there’s pictures to look at. The pictures invite children into the story and give them a better visual of what we’re trying to make. 

book page with the story of Palm Sunday for Kids

Fine Motor Skills with Palms

It’s always a good thing to include some kind of fine motor skills in activities and crafts for young children. And one of the best ways to do this is by scissor practice. 

Palm Sunday Scissor Activity

All you need for this simple palm activity is green construction paper and scissors for your child. If you need help deciding where to start, what kind of scissors to use, or just looking for scissor tips, check out our complete guide here. 

Draw the Leaf Shapes

On a piece of green paper, draw a simple outline of the palm fronds. You can use any size paper that works for you. 

palm shape drawn on green construction paper

Cut Out a Palm Shape

Next, cut out the palm shape. If your child has practice using scissors, they can cut out the palm. But if your child is still starting out with scissors, you can cut out this put.

And you can make as many as you like to create palm trees when you’re done! 

Cutting Snippets

Now is the best part of the activity! Have your child cut snippets around the edge of the palm. 

little kid using scissors

This is all about getting the practice with the scissors, not cutting in any specific way. They can’t even mess this part up, either! 

Waving the Palms

Lastly, when they’re satisfied with cutting the edges of the palms, have them wave their palms. Then, in a loud voice, shout ‘Hosanna’ to signal Jesus’ triumphal entry! For young children, waving the palm and walking around is an extra activity to practice gross motor skills as well. 

toddler waving a palm branch

Keep It Simple On Palm Sunday 

Start off the beginning of Holy Week with this simple yet engaging fine motor activity! Young children will have a great time using scissors and waving their palm branches while focusing on the Palm Sunday Story. 

Easter Cross Craft

Check out even more great ideas for Holy Week with this Easter cross craft! This easy craft can be done anytime leading up to the special day to celebrate! Find the Easter posts here. 

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