Easy Flower Painting with Celery Stamping for Kids


Here’s the perfect craft to easily make a beautiful flower print while working on fine motor skills and having fun stamping. Kids of all ages will have a great time making pretty celery flowers! 

A celery stem is a simple and clever way to make beautiful flower prints! Add this to your list of favorite flower art projects. 

flower painting

Flower Paint Craft with Celery

Here’s a fun way to make beautiful artwork while using those old celery stalks you were getting rid of anyways. This easy flower art project is great for any time of year because you can use any colors you want! 

Gather Your Paint Supplies

First, you’ll need to assemble your craft materials for this celery stamping project. We used:

  • Two celery stalks (the number depends on how many colors you’re using)
  • Pink and red paint
  • A canvas
  • Green permanent marker or green paint for leaves
  • Paper plate
  • Painting shirt or smock

Instead of a canvas, you can also use a piece of paper. 

stalk of celery

Set Up Your Craft Station

Next, set up a spot to do your celery painting. We like to use a plastic table cloth from the dollar store while we paint to contain the mess. It’s inexpensive, and then you can throw everything away when you’re done. 

Then, cut each stalk of celery so that there’s about two-three inches left at the bottom. You want the bottom of the celery stalk to be short enough to look like the rose pattern, but large enough for little hands to easily grasp. 

Lastly, pour some paint onto the paper plate or a dish. We used red and pink for our flowers because it happened to be around Valentines Day, but you can use different colors. 

Painting Fun 

Now we’re ready to paint! We happened to have a canvas already painted blue, but first paint your canvas whatever color you would like. 

Then have your child dip the stalks of the celery into the paint. We like to have a scrap piece of paper to the side to practice on first. Then, they can start stamping on their canvas or paper. 

flower print

Younger children may need help holding the bottom of the celery steady while stamping. And while the goal is to make flowers, art for young children is not about the end project. They’ll have so much fun stamping the celery no matter how the flowers turn out. 

flower painting

Optional Last Step

Lastly, if you want to you can add leaves to your flowers. An older child may want to use green paint to paint flowers and stems on. We chose to draw on a few leaves with a green marker. 

More Ideas for Your Celery Flower Art

We made this craft project on a canvas to hang up in spring, but there’s also other fun ways to use these celery roses! Another great way to use this craft is to make cards. The rose prints are awesome for Valentine’s Day cards and Mother’s Day Cards. 

One more fun idea for these paint flowers is to use this roll of white paper to make your own wrapping paper! 

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