Dr. Seuss’ The Foot Book Activities with Free Printables


Here’s everything you need for the classic Dr. Seuss book The Foot Book. These lesson plans and activities can be adapted to use at home, in small groups, or in the classroom for a range of ages and development levels. We have some fun activities and crafts perfect for this classic Seussian book! 

The Foot Book Activities

This lesser known Dr. Seuss book is one of our favorites for silly rhyming and first books as an introduction to his style of books. We have found this book is a little easier to sit through for young children compared to other Dr. Seuss books. They even have a board book version that shortens it for very young children. 

If you love this great book, too, or are just a big fan of Dr. Seuss, try these fun Foot Book activities with us! 

The Foot Book Matching Activity 

If your toddlers or preschoolers are anything like my grandson, they absolutely love animals. So we tried to think up some great activities for this book that also incorporated animals for him. And we came up with this simple but fun foot matching game! They will love seeing all the different feet. 

Finding a Match 

This easy game is a great way to introduce the idea of matching items that are not identical but rather go together to young children. Talk with them about what a ‘match’ is and is not in this context using words like ‘same’, ‘similar’, ‘together’, and ‘different’. Emphasize what about the pictures make them a match including color, types, and size. 

animal matching card game

Here are the free printables we made for this activity that you can download. After printing, we laminated them with this handy at-home laminator to keep them from getting crumpled. Then, all you need is paper clips to keep them together.  

The goal of the game is to help your child understand why each animal go with the right feet. 

Adjusting Difficulty 

If you are making this for older kids, you can always try more challenging or obscure animals. If your child is too young to grasp this one, try this fun sock matching activity (to go along with Dr. Seuss’ Fox in Socks) that is one step simpler. 

Animal Tracks Activity

Another fun way to incorporate animals and feet is by making animal tracks! All you need are some toy animals and play dough. My grandson loves play dough, and there’s lots of benefits in addition to fun.

child putting animal toys into play dough

Movement Activity 

This book is a wonderful way to incorporate a fun game that gets children up and moving, too! This activity requires no extra materials, very little planning, and can be done anywhere you have enough room! Children will have so much fun while also working on gross motor skills. 

From little feet tiptoeing to elephant feet stomping, children will love moving and learning new things at the same time. If you don’t want to come up with the ideas on your own, check out this fun dice you can use. 

Imitating Animal Feet

This simple activity just consists on moving your feet the way animal feet move. Get as creative as you like with this, but some of our favorites are “Use your feet to hop like a bunny”, “Waddle on your feet like a penguin”, and “Walk on your hands and feet like a bear”. 

For an added challenge for older kids, specify which foot to use. For example, tell them to stomp like an elephant with their left foot or kick out their right foot. 

Check out even more gross motor ideas here. 

The Foot Book Crafts 

The perfect addition to these fun activities is to make a cute foot themed craft! You can pick and choose which footprint crafts fit best with your supplies, time, and lesson ideas, but here’s our favorite footprint ideas! 

Footprint Paintings

For this fun footprint craft all you need is paint, paper, and some little feet! There’s a ton of fun footprint animals kids of all ages can make, but here’s our favorite three.

My grandson loves painting, so he was pretty excited to use his feet. But he still makes a mess, so we used washable paint and made this craft outside. 

child's foot covered in pink paint

You’ll need to help the young readers with getting a solid footprint by making sure their foot has an even layer of paint using a paintbrush. Then, help them hold their foot still and push down each part for them.

We just used a piece of construction paper for each one because we were testing a bunch of animal ideas. Once we find a favorite, we would use a small canvas instead. But you can use anything! 

footprint moose with paint
Footprint Moose
footprint butterfly
Footprint Butterfly
footprint monkey
A Footprint Monkey/Bear/Dr. Seuss Character (it was supposed to be a monkey)

Try this Dr. Seuss Classic

The Foot Book may not be the first, second, or even third book you think of when you hear Dr. Seuss, but young learners love to read this classic book as well! There’s so many funny feet concepts in this fun book for early childhood. 

Add this book to your reading list next time you’re looking for something from the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss!  

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