43 of the Best Gifts for 1-2 Year Olds (2023)


Looking for gifts for a 1-2 year old? This age can be tough because the range of abilities and interests, not to mention development leaps, that happen at this time. There’s also new toys and trends coming out every year to keep up with. So we have compiled a list of awesome gifts for 1-2 year olds for you!

Gifts under $20

Board books

Here’s a gift that kids will still use and love even though it’s not a toy. These board books will be read so many time and are great for smaller children as they’re more durable than regular books.

Pop it toys

Pop it toys are as addicting as they look, and kids really will sit and pop them. They also help with fine motor skills.

Zoo animals

Animals are a classic toy for this age. Animals will also be used for a very long time and can be used in many different ways for play.

Sesame Street characters

This is the age kids want to start playing with little “people” or character. My son happens to love sesame street, but you can get any characters.

Tool set

Tools are a favorite toy among both boys and girls, and you can even get them a whole tool bench if you’re up for it.

Busy board

Kids at this age tend to be very busy, so a busy board is right up their ally. A toy like this helps them learn while also keeping their little hands and minds busy.

Bug catching gear

At the older end of the age range, kids will start noticing things like bugs around them. Now is a great time to get them the tools to explore all things bugs.

Water bottle

Need another option that isn’t a toy? Parents will appreciate having a kid’s sized water bottle for their kids.

Ring Stacker

We all probably had this toy as kids, and it’s still popular today. You can even buy versions that light up or play music.

Stacking cups

Stacking cups may seem simple or boring for a toy, but they really are a blast for kids. From simple stacking to building large towers, they entertain kids no problem at this age.

Gifts from $20-50

Soft push and go cars

We found these at a garage sale for my son, and, over a year later, he still loves playing with them. He especially loves crashing them into other toys, but because they’re soft they never break (or break anything else).

Farm set

Somehow all kids learn about farm animals pretty fast, so a whole farm set is a no brainer as a gift for 1-2 year olds.

Bubble machine

Bubbles with a wand can be changeling for children this young, and they often end in frustration rather than fun. Eliminate the frustration with a bubble machine they’ll love!

Magnetic tiles

Magnetic tiles are an awesome open-ended toy that kids will play with for years to come. These types of toys help numerous levels of learning for all ages.

Gardening set

For all the outdoor loving kids out there! A gardening set will give them so many opportunities for exploration and play.

Ride On Toy

Another great gift for all the little movers out there, this ride on toy is awesome for large motor development!

Baby Doll

Who didn’t play with dolls as a kid? This is a classic gift that you can’t really go wrong. Both boys and girls like having baby dolls around.

Plate and Utensils

Another option if you’re looking for a gift that’s not a toy. Kids love having their own plate and utensils, and this one is so cute!

Activity Cube

This is a toy that will grow with the child, offering hours of entertainment no matter what development stage they’re in.

Pound a Ball

This toy has been a favorite for years. Pound a ball is great for cause-and-effect and fine motor skills, both of which are important for 1-2 year olds.

Wooden Garden Toy

The wooden garden toy combines so many things that kids love-animals, plants, shapes, colors. There’s so many ways to play with it!

Moonlite Projector

We received this as a gift, and its an absolute favorite! It’s also a great way to get your child into bed at night if they try to prolong bedtime.

Gifts from $50-100

Cozy coupe

Cozy Coupe is a classic gift even I had as a kid, and there’s a reason it’s still a favorite. Now the Cozy Coupe comes with a removable floor board, so even kids who are too little to peddle themselves can ride in them.

Water table

Water tables are a great toy for sensory and messy play to help a young child’s development. This is a great toy for all ages and can be used in so many different ways.

Ball pit

If you need a gift for kids who need to entertain indoors (like during the cold Midwest winter) this ball pit is the way to go, and it’s also durable for jumping and climbing!


At this age kids will start wanting to ride bikes or go on walks with you and may protest the stroller. This tricycle is awesome for beginners because it can be pushed by an adult but then used alone when the child is ready.

Ice cream truck

Similar to play kitchens and grocery stores, this play set up is so much for kids. The ice cream truck provides a new way to play with toy food.

Shopping cart

Kids need a way to bring all of their toys around with them, so what better way than a shopping cart. This is a great addition for kids with play food or kids needing something to hold onto while they walk.

Train set

Another classic toy that you can find in most homes. Train sets provide endless fun from the set to the take down, there’s so many fun times to be had!

Tunnels and tents

If you’re looking for a gift for a particularly active child, look no further. My son (about to be two) even saw the picture while I was making this list and insisted he get one.


This grill is an ideal addition to any play kitchen or a great outdoor toy for any kid to play with. Get some play hotdogs and hamburgers to practice flipping, too!

Town House

This gift comes with fun characters to roll and zig zag down the tower. The townhouse is a cause-and-effect toy that kids of this age will love.

Balance bike

Balance bikes provide endless fun while also helping with balance and motor development. This is the first step in learning how to ride bike.

Picnic Table

Kids will love their very own table to eat outside. This option is also great because it comes with an umbrella for the extra sunny days.

Gifts over $100

Nugget couch

The nugget couch is something I wish was around when I was a kid. Think of all the great forts, obstacle courses, and play mats you could make! This is a bit pricey, but it’s a great long term investment.

Activity table

Activity tables have so many possible uses for play and tend to occupy kids for a long time, especially as they get older. This is also a great option for fine motor and critical thinking development.

Play kitchen

All kids love to play with household objects their own size, especially a toy with as many possibilities as a kitchen! You can even get play food to go along with this gift.

Bounce house

What kid doesn’t want their own bounce house? This is one of the larger gifts on the list, so make sure the recipient has somewhere to use it. It’s also a favorite and one toy that will be used for hours at a time.

Climbing toys

While they have sound daunting for younger kids, the climbing toys are highly recommended by physical therapist to improve large motor skills. And this is a toy that kids will use for years to come!

Grocery store

The mini grocery store is a great addition for kids who love to play with food or have a play kitchen already, and they’ll love storing and “buying” all the food themselves.

Lovevery subscription

If you’re not confident you can pick out an age appropriate yourself, Lovevery picks the perfect gift for you based on specific age.

Kitchen Tower

This is the age that curiosity is peaking, and kids want to see and do everything that adults are seeing and doing. This kitchen tower is a great way to safely include them when adults are working in the kitchen.

Small table

If you’re looking for gifts that’s not a toy, this toddler sized table is a wonderful option! Kids love when they have something of their own that’s also their size, and parents will appreciate less toys.

Playtime Patio

This is a gift that will keep them entertained for hours as it combines many of the favorites on this list. The Playtime Patio is a play grill, kitchen, water table, and sand box all in one!

Think Age Appropriate

With all the new toys and gear for 1-2 year olds coming out, the task of picking just one gift can be daunting, especially if you’ve never bought for this age before. There are truly so many gifts that 1-2 year olds would love to receive, and for the most part you can’t go wrong (especially if you stick to this list).

However, you should steer clear of a few items when shopping for kids this age. One of the major aspects to consider is choking hazards. don’t buy gifts with small pieces that kids could accidentally swallow. Also included in that is anything toxic should a kid put it in their mouth. Another aspect is where the child is in their motor development.

Ask yourself if a one year old could physically use it or use it with some adult assistance as they grow into. If the answer is no or probably not for a few years, then save it for an occasion down the road. Lastly, consider how annoying, loud, or difficult to clean up a gift will be for parents. They’ll greatly appreciate it!

Let us know your favorite toy for a 1-2 year old!

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