Easy Handprint Flower Painting for Kids How-To


Flower Craft for Preschool and Toddlers

Looking for a flower painting for your toddler or preschooler to make that you’ll actually want to keep? Try this easy handprint craft idea! Cute and easy enough to do at home. With an adults help, this can even be made by infants. Plus your kids will love helping with the paint and getting their hands messy. 

Easy Homemade Mother’s Day Gift

While there are benefits of letting your kids paint just for fun, sometimes you want to make something with them to keep. This handprint painting is an awesome idea for a homemade Mother’s Day gift from their little one. This is a thoughtful keepsake that any mom would want to keep. You could also use it as a grandparent’s Day gift or a May preschool craft! 

What you’ll need:

8 x 10 inch white canvas

Green, yellow, white, red, blue, and purple Washable paint (and more colors if you like)

Paint shirt or smock

Plastic table cloth to paint on 

A paintbrush of any size

1 sheet of colored paper 



Flower Painting How-To

Paint the Canvas

First, paint the entire canvas your background color. You can choose any color you like, we just recommend a light color, so the other paint will show up better. We chose to mix white paint with a few drops of yellow for our background color. For this step, you can let your child have fun painting the canvas.

This is a great spot to incorporate messy play, and because the canvas is being painted all one color, they really can’t mess it up. We had my son try painting with kitchen utensils. After your child has painted it, just go over it with a brush to make sure it’s entirely painted. Then let the canvas completely dry.

Hand Print “Stems”

Once the background has completely dried, the first thing to paint is the green “stems” handprints. Child will need help to get the handprint firmly on the canvas without moving their hand. Make sure their entire hand is covered in green paint but not dripping paint.

We find it easiest to use a brush to paint their hand for any spots that are either dripping or missing paint. Then, tell them to spread all their fingers like they’re giving someone a high five. Lastly, you take their hand by the wrist and press is on the canvas. For this size canvas, three small handprints fit nicely. The handprints can overlap a little since we’re making a bouquet of flowers for this flower painting.

Finger Print “Petals”

Next, after the green paint has had some time to dry, add the petals to the flowers. Using whatever colors you want, use your child’s finger to stamp 4-5 petals in a flower shape at the end of each green finger on the handprint “stem”. Again, kids will still need some help to do this so that they don’t smear the paint too much. Alternate colors for the flowers in your bouquet. Try using different fingers for different size flowers, too! 

Add the middle of the flowers 

Next, either using your child’s finger again or using your own pinky, add a yellow dot to the center of the petals on each flower. It’s easiest to do this after the petals have dried.

The Flower Pot

Cut the colored paper into a flower pot shape. The size of the pot will depend on the green handprints as they should fit inside the top of the pot. Then, use glue to attach the pot under the flowers. 

Don’t worry about mistakes!

Painting with kids usually gets pretty messy, so don’t worry if mistakes happen. If it’s really bad, you can always paint over it and restart. If your child gets a little paint on the canvas that’s not part of the flowers, turn it into a bug like we did here! Just google ‘fingerprint bugs’. My son dripped purple paint in the top left corner, so we decided to turn it into a butterfly. 

Let us see how yours turn out! 

More Handprint Painting Ideas

If you’re loving the handprint painting ideas for kids, try this cute jellyfish handprint painting! This is a great addition to any painting activity.

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